About Us

This display was created by the Visual Design for Multimedia class at UNCW taught by Dr. Gene Felice. We decided to focus on Minnie Evans’ artwork because we were captivated by her surreal creations and visionary elements in her artwork along with her fascinating life story which mostly takes place in Wilmington NC. The groups and group members that worked on this display are as follows:

  • Professor: Gene Felice
  • Coordinator: John D. Krisanda
  • Design Team: Kaylyn Emory, Cayla Wileman, Shannon Settlemyre, Taylor Meckes
  • Web Team: Laith Alkaissi, Christopher Wehunt, John Resar
  • Code Team: Jordan Rayle, Rylee Thomas, Jiajian Ou
  • Unity Team: Brittany Price, Dom Romanello, Jordan Rayle, Taylor Meckes